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Choose From one of our 4 great solutions. Custom Build your Dream Gaming Computer or powerful and Productive Business Desktop. Come on down for Professional Audio Recording.

All About Safety and Security


State-of -the-Art DVR's let you record up to six months(depending on configuration such as hard drive size, number of cameras, and compression quality). Our DVR's let you view your Home or Office from anywhere in the world! it can be viewed via internet explorer or through your Iphone or any other compatible 3G Smartphones. We have 4, 8 and 16 channel DVR's Depending on how many cameras you will need to cover the designated area you want to be surveillanced.




Quality Bundles are the perfect solution. its quick and affordable. we've set up a few to choose from. The Bundles Come with a DVR and a set amount of Cameras. Some of the Bundles come with a Monitor. You may add cameras or monitors to any bundle.




Variety of Quality Cameras gives you the Flexibility to choose different cameras for each space, according to your needs. camera lens range from 3.6 mm wide angle view letting you see more, to 6mm view letting you see less but a bigger picture. Quality range from 330 tv lines on. the more TV Lines the sharper the image. PTZ, or Pan Tilt Zoom, Cameras let you do exactly that- Pan 360 degrees around, tilt up and down and zoom in! These Cameras can have IR(Infrared) night Vision from 30ft and up!

Safety Programs

In this Economy, being protected is expensive. Thats why we offer unbeatable prices. We customize your program just the way you want it, or you can choose from our specialized bundles thats suitable for you!

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